Helping you make your first steps into entrepreneurship.

Connect, learn, grow in a free community for female entrepreneurs, leaders, and male champions.

We welcome big, new, innovative ideas, and help to make them happen. 

Your story told to 1000's

Tell us your startup journey, business success, and tips for other female founders. You have the knowledge, experience to give, let's share it. 

We've got the tribe, make yours here too.

Add your events, list your startup, build out your own niche. We welcome others to build a community in our network so they can access you and find you easily.

Support on your idea, connected to the right next step for you, and access trustworthy mentors.

Everything you need to get started

Books, tools, articles from experts, blogs, podcasts. The list goes on with resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017, this happened. 

We are just getting started. 

"I created Triangles as I didn't know where to start with building a business, access experts, resources, but most importantly, I couldn't find a community where I could connect with other women who were starting their journey too." 

Holly Stephens, Founder & CEO of

Ask questions, meet & connect, share stories, learn lessons and celebrate wins.

"The workshop was exactly what I needed to get started with a few startup ideas I'd been thinking about. Specifically, the speakers gave practical advice about not only narrowing down your idea, but actually testing if there is a market for it. I left the session energised and with actionable steps to validate my ideas. Highly recommend!" Arielle McKenzie

"The value of Triangles is in connections and networking. I have attended many events and incubators, but never come across the openness and friendliness I have found with Triangles. Entrepreneur wanting to help entrepreneur.  It has changed my confidence and my business! I can not thank Triangles enough for the opportunities to stand up and share my idea"  Janelle Pollard, Founder.

“The Triangles team are absolute guns at providing Start Up founders productive, effective and value-added tools to propel them to the next stages of their growth. Their guidance has saved us a good 8-months in our MVP development and offering. As a bootstrapped team, that has been priceless!"        Maria Calibo-Sales, Founder.

"I am so glad I’ve come across it and I’m finding it to be such an accessible and supportive environment."        Sonia Grebenshikoff, Founder, Adventure & Co.

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